Meet the Roasters - Edison Coffee & Talormade

After a wonderful year full of amazing coffee, it is time to round out our 2019 Featured Roasters lineup. For our final two roasters, we have looked both close to home and abroad. We are so pleased to bring in Edison Coffee from Flower Mound, Texas and Talormade from Oslo, Norway! 


First up - Edison Coffee. We stumbled across this roaster on social media earlier this summer and were drawn in by their design style initially, but after further digging, we really admired their shop and coffee program as a whole. It came time to select our last couple of roasters of 2019, so we decided to reach out and see if they were interested. As fate would have it, they were headed our way that very weekend and stopped by to drop of some samples. After getting the chance to chat with them in person and taste their coffee, we knew they would be a perfect addition to our program. While this roaster is certainly smaller than some we have worked with in the past, we admire their commitment to quality while still seeking to learn and grow along the way. They are exactly why we set up our featured roaster program; to highlight great coffee and introduce the Memphis coffee community to someone new. 


Our second featured roaster is Talormade based in Oslo, Norway. Talor (formerly of Talor&Jorgen) is a rare breath of fresh air in the coffee world. Originally from Australia, Talor moved to Norway in 2012 to act as the head roaster at a local shop. After a few years, she began to dream of a more down to earth approach to coffee while still maintaining quality. Talor&Jorgen was born and very quickly rose to notoriety and fame. She very quickly brought in her pastry background and began producing donuts alongside their coffee. Unfortunately, rapid growth comes at a great price. Talor quickly began to burn out in the company and was slowly pushed out by her fellow business partners. In the end, Talor decided to do what was best for those employed by Talor&Jorgen and leave the company. With her passion for both donuts and coffee still burning bright, she decided to make the bold move to start again. Thus, Talormade was born. From the ashes came a ultra fun and playful brand with a dedicated focus on quality and craft. We are thrilled to not only offer them as our first European roaster, but also support Talor’s hard work and dedication in this new venture. (We only wish we could feature her donuts as well) 

Be sure to come in anytime before the end of 2019 to taste one of these stellar roasters on pourover, single origin espresso, cold brew, and batch brew. And if you can’t get enough while you’re here, be sure to pick up a bag to take home!