The 3rd Annual C&S Cold Brew Throwdown

Have you heard??? We’re having a throwdown! 

It is almost time for the Third Annual City & State Cold Brew Throwdown! This is our favorite event of the year; not only do we get the privilege of hosting one of the largest coffee events in the area, but we get to have fun while doing it! It’s an amazing time to connect the with the Memphis coffee community and other coffee enthusiasts! 

Some of you may be asking, why cold brew? The answer is pretty simple in that it opens the playing field for all. Unlike other coffee competitions such as latte art throw downs that require various degrees of professional barista experience, cold brew can easily be crafted by anyone. Home brewers and baristas alike can compete side by side to see who has the best coffee — no expensive equipment required. Cold Brew also has the ability to showcase a variety of coffee skills. From bean selection to brewing method and time, there is more than enough science behind it to provide for a great competition! 

We ask each competitor to prepare two separate drinks:

1) A straight cold brew - no sweeteners, milks or frills.

2) A Signature Drink - the straight cold brew now with all the frills (minus alcohol). This showcases not only coffee brewing skills, but drink crafting as well. Signature drinks can be anything the competitor dreams up. Past drinks include everything from s’mores to cherry pie, so we can’t wait to see what this year has in store! 

Each competitor will be able to present their drinks to a panel of qualified judges. These judges will then utilize a scoring rubric based on presentation, taste, creativity, and service skills to determine 1st, 2nd, and third places. After the judges have made their rounds, 200 guests get to try their hand at judging and tasting all the coffees. (It’s a caffeine high folks, be prepared) We ask each guest to pick their favorite straight cold brew and their favorite signature drink. We tally a point for each time a competitor is listed for either their straight cold brew or signature drink. Then at the end of the night, after all the votes have been tallied, we have our People’s Choice Winner!

We can’t wait to host this amazing event once again! Be sure to check out our event page for more info on the competition and register to compete or attend. We encourage all who are on the fence between competing or just attending to take a chance and go for it! You won’t find a more welcoming community around! For those wanting to attend and taste all the coffees, make sure you purchase a ticket to ensure that you are guaranteed tasting privileges.

Check out the awesome highlights video from last year below!

And a huge thank you to our 2019 sponsors:


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