Meet the Roasters • Oddly Correct & George Howell

As a multi-roaster shop, one of our favorite things is getting to bring new roasters to the Memphis community! This quarter we are excited to bring in Oddly Correct and George Howell Coffee, so be sure to read up on them below and come give them a try! We’ll be featuring a rotating selection of coffees from both on pour over, single origin espresso and cold brew through September.


First up is Oddly Correct out of Kansas City, MO. We first encountered this roaster when owners Lisa & Luis visited them on a road trip last summer. They were thoroughly impressed with the shop operations and team, but more importantly the coffee. The bag of El Salvador they brought back from the trip impressed the team, so we reached out in hopes they would want to throw their hat in the ring for our 2019 featured roasters lineup. Lucky for us they did, and yet again we were impressed with the quality and they landed in our top 5. Oddly Correct has carved out a unique niche in the specialty coffee world. They take coffee very seriously, but they also embrace the fun and funky side of things. Be sure to check out the hand illustrated art on the outside of their bags done by owner and founder of OC, Gregory. 


In addition to the OC team, we are proud to feature coffees from George Howell. You may have never heard of George Howell, but you have no doubt heard of the drink that launched this company — the frappuccino. George Howell began his career in coffee in the 70’s with Coffee Connection, a Massachusetts based coffee shop concept that quickly grew to over 20 stores. George and his team sought to have fun with coffee, and as a result crafted a creamy chilled coffee milkshake that they called the frappuccino. Emerging coffee company, Starbucks, acquired the beverage and all Coffee Connection stores in 1994, and as they say, the rest is history. Howell was still deeply committed to the coffee industry, and now with a lot more capital he set out to take his coffee journey further. Thus, George Howell Coffee was born. With a dedication to excellence and a penchant for innovation, they pioneered several practices within the speciality coffee industry. Now, they are known worldwide for the exceptional quality of their coffee and many consider George the father of specialty coffee. We are so thrilled to bring such a staple of the coffee community to Memphis!