Hu Kitchen

We were frustrated with the food options available today. We were even more frustrated with the half-truths that many in the food industry were peddling. It’s one thing to sell adulterated, highly-processed foods; it’s another thing entirely to hijack words like “healthy” and “natural” in order to sell them. These words used to mean something. It’s time to take them back.

So we created Hu Kitchen. We’re new to this. Our backgrounds are diverse, but we all share the same goal: to change the way modern human beings eat; to create a food brand that doesn’t compromise quality and that never, ever lies to people.

The industry insiders told us it couldn’t be done. They said we’d lose money trying to implement our ideals, that we were naïve. They assured us we’d have to compromise on certain quality standards and use half-truths in order to operate a profitable business. We told them we were going to do it our way. If we failed, so be it. But if we succeeded, we would help open people’s eyes to the idea of getting back to a more human, natural way of eating again.

So here we are. After years of hard work, research, and dietary self-experimentation, we’ve finally arrived at our dream. We couldn’t be more excited to share our vision and our food with you. We think the risk was worth it.

May 26, 2015


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