A well-worn home

By happenstance, while crafting the details of City & State, I came across an article in Kinfolk that deeply resonated with me. It was a call-to-action and a reinforcement of the passions and drive I felt in bringing the idea of City & State to life.

As Dominique so thoughtfully writes, “I’d rather have one beautiful wheel-thrown bowl than five from a factory.”

We can learn to fall in love with the blemishes that the human touch leaves on the things around us and revel in the imperfections inherent to items crafted apart from the bland perfection of mass-quantity, machine-made goods.  Fall in love with the unique stamp placed upon handmade objects by loving daily use.  Forgo the disposable and learn to anticipate and cherish the moment when the markings of time and use will appear on the newer possessions you carefully curate into your life.

It’s worth taking time to read the full article.

A Manifesto for the Well-Worn Home



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