CAMPHOLLOW - 'shroomkin' Mushroom Charm Bracelet Set

The full 'Shroomkin' set with all seven Shroomkin and a golden paperclip chain bracelet. Includes all mushroom charms: Red Shroomkin, Black Shroomkin, Green Shroomkin, Blue Shroomkin, Purple Shroomkin, Orange Shroomkin and Morel Shroomkin. Switch them out depending on your mood or wear them altogether for the full Shroomkin Spectrum! The perfect gift for any fairytale fans, cottage core enthusiasts and those who love the whimsical wilds!

What is a Shroomkin?

🍄 Magical Mushroom gnomes who venture out in the moonlight. 🌔 🍄🧚🏽‍♂️ At first glance our charms may appear as mere mushrooms, but on closer inspection reveal themselves to be tiny creatures, disguised as forest fungi.

🥇 crafted from fine porcelain
👩‍🎨 meticulously hand-painted in detail
🌳 heirloom quality
✔️ highly collectible
🔗 7.5" adjustable 24k gold steel chain
🍄 7 porcelain charms
💝 individually gift-boxed