We are so excited to have not one, but two, exceptional roasters on board to finish out 2022! 

First up is Night Swim Coffee

Night Swim Coffee is based in Charolette, North Carolina and holds a special place in the City & State family! The sister of one of our barista's, Lillie, works for the roaster and introduced Lillie to their coffee on a trip to North Carolina. Lillie brought back samples, and we could instantly tell that they were roasting up some seriously good coffee. 

Night Swim is actually the collaboration of two separate cafes who came together to roast for the Charolette area and now beyond. Through this joint venture, they have been able to form something quite amazing. Exceptional coffee and community - two of our favorite things. 

Sey Coffee

Sey Coffee is a Brooklyn, NY based roastery and cafe that we have followed (and admired) for years. They are a prime example of what speciality coffee is rooted in. Their coffees are dialed in to perfection and they keep things simple with the likes of espresso drinks and filter brews. 

Outside of their cafe they are dedicated to quality, sustainability, and transparency in all of their imports. Their coffees are some of the cleanest we've ever had and with an ever rotating offerings list, there is so much to enjoy! 

October 27, 2022 — Katie Wells
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