Coffee & Shop

Located in the Broad Avenue Arts District, City & State's brick & mortar is situated in the heart of Memphis.

Equal parts coffee and shop, we proudly offer the finest of two unique offerings under one roof — and, in our opinion, they're best enjoyed together.

All the coffees

As soon as you enter, you’ll find we’re not your standard speciality coffee shop. From adventurous seasonal coffee menus to our bright and bold products, you’ll quickly pick up that we don’t take ourselves too seriously while still honoring and celebrating exceptional craft coffee.

Hang with us while you enjoy a classic pour over or a fun seasonal latte. Whether you’re here for a business meeting, study session, or simply some "me" time, we have a spot for you.

sip & shop

Thoughtfully curated goods right at your fingertips

After you order your cup of coffee, mozy through our array of retail offerings. Smell the candles & flip through our books as you explore. There's something for everyone in our shop, and we want you to find the perfect fit.

If you don’t know where to start or have a question about how something is crafted, let our Storytellers be your guide. More than your average retail salesperson, our City & State Storytellers do just as the name implies — they share the stories and special features behind our wonderful makers.

visit us

2625 Broad Avenue
Memphis, TN 38112

Mon - Fri, 7am - 6pm
Saturday, 8am - 6pm
Sunday, 8am - 2pm