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memphis' first third-wave cafe

As soon as you walk in the doors to our coffee space, you’ll know we’re not your standard speciality coffee shop. From our colorful decor to our seasonal menu, you’ll see that we don’t take ourselves too seriously and like to have a bit of fun while still celebrating exceptional craft coffee.

As the first Third Wave coffee shop in Memphis, we set out to introduce the city to speciality coffee, and that's what we've been doing ever since! As baristas, our main goal is to honor the hard work of all those before us, from farm to cup and into your hands.

You'll find espresso classics and filter coffees brewed up with expert knowledge, but you'll also find unique crafted seasonal drinks!

featured roaster program

One of our favorite aspects of our coffee program is our featured roaster program. We scour the nation (and beyond) for some of the best coffee out there. Similiar to our retail philosophy, we see ourselves as a key connection point between Memphis and the greater coffee community.

From an extensive cupping process, we select the best of the best and rotate our featured roasters every three months so our customers can get to expereince all the coffees throughout the year.