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Here at City & State we are all about finding the “Art of Everyday” and we believe that applies to working here as well!

We are dedicated to building a welcoming and supportive work environment for all — one of our main goals has always been for our team to love where they work and who they work with. We are so fortunate to already have an amazing team of people on staff and we’re looking for even more talent and personality to add to it!

So, if you’re a rad individual who has a passion for coffee, craft, or goods (or even better - all three!) please check out our job descriptions below! If it sounds like something you might be interested in - please apply!

If you’re not quite sure which one you’d like to do more or even be better at, we think that’s a really great problem to have! So not to fear, just fill out whichever application tickles your fancy more and let us know in your email “I’m a unicorn!” and we’ll know what that means!


More than your average retail salesperson, our Storytellers are the heart of our retail shop. From connecting with customers and makers, to helping curate amazing retail experiences, our Storytellers are one of a kind!


A love for coffee, a passion for people, and good teamwork are some of the main qualities we look for in our baristas.

Whether you're just getting interested in specialty coffee or you have years of experience, do not hesitate to apply!

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