Meet the Roaster

Epoch Chemistry

New Brunswick, Canada 🇨🇦

Engaging. Educational. Epic.

We are thrilled to introduce Epoch Chemistry, a thriving roastery that celebrates the artistry of coffee. For those who live by calendars, only set one alarm in the morning, and love a list—Epoch has created a super relatable category system based on certain flavors enjoyed at different times of the day.

6, 9, 3. 🕰 Whether you’re looking for a classic cup of brew to jumpstart your morning, a second cup to keep the engine running, or want to experiment with something rare and exciting to spice up your afternoon, Epoch has it all.

From washed coffees that are clean and bright to experimental and competition-ready, there is something for everyone. There are even coffees that are not for everyone but are essential to taste and evaluate! There is so much expression in coffee—our baristas cannot wait to talk to you about it. 🗣

Coffee has many parallels to the wine industry when it comes to the array of flavors and textures that exist. The challenge comes when executing brewing techniques, which is where we come in. Epoch's roast development approach highlights terroir in the most appropriate way possible. They also use halogen roasting and have zero emissions during the roasting process, giving them a neat +1 for their sustainability efforts.

About Epoch

To quote Conor Conway, the Director of Coffee and Co-Founder of Epoch Chemistry, "How we convey quality is not just flavor."

Epoch meets guests where they are, sharing their excitement for coffee in how they communicate. They host regular workshops and have seen incredible foot traffic in these sessions over the years. Coffee education is the gateway to deeper appreciation, and Epoch is all about that.

Their dedication to education and love of competition makes our hearts grow three sizes. Like us, Epoch has a passion for quality, a commitment to community, and a love for crafting the perfect cup of coffee. 👏

Epoch Chemistry