Meet the Roaster

Proud Mary

Melbourne, Australia 🇦🇺

One of our favorites is back!

Specialty coffee can be intimidating to newcomers, often requiring one to learn a variety of vocabulary and terms. We admire Proud Mary's dedication to meeting people where they are by categorizing their coffees. With three main sections to choose from Mild, Curious, and Wild.

Feeling mellow? Are you keen to explore new flavor trails? Or maybe fruit bombs, tropical flavors, & complexity are your thing? 😎 From 'Mild' to 'Wild,' Proud Mary’s coffee lineup is a fun and exciting journey of taste.

Why Proud Mary?

Proud Mary is driven by a deep sense of responsibility. They don't just source coffee; they source it responsibly. By working directly with coffee producers and paying fair prices, they are committed to ethical and sustainable practices.

Their mission is not only to bring you the best coffee but to support the communities and farmers behind it.

Their hard work is in display in thier product. They traverse the world's coffee-growing regions to source beans with exceptional flavors. These beans are then carefully roasted to perfection, unveiling a consistent and wonderful world of taste within every cup.

Available on Bar

Available on bar: Pour Over, Drip, and Espresso