BIGSPOON - Bourbon Pecan Peanut Butter


Some things just work well together. Case in point – the toasty, naturally malty flavors of roasted peanuts, pecans, maple, woodsmoke, and bourbon. We’re excited to announce that this season’s limited batch nut butter is bourbon pecan peanut butter, which is handmade with fresh-roasted high-oleic cordoban peanuts, bourbon-roasted pecans, vermont maple syrup, applewood smoked sea salt, and just a touch of kentucky’s favorite export. 

First and foremost, this recipe presents a classic, roasted peanut butter flavor. Right behind that, you’ll get the lightly sweet crunch of the bourbon-roasted pecans with harmonious undertones of maple, bourbon, and smoked salt. We think this recipe is perfect for morning toast, overnight oats, cookie recipes, and, of course, spoonfuls right out of the jar.  

*the alcohol in the bourbon-roasted pecans has been cooked away, and this delectable peanut butter is well below the maximum percent alcohol by volume (abv) of 0.5% allowed in food products

Contains: Peanuts and Tree nuts High-Oleic Peanuts, Bourbon Pecans (Pecans, Cane Sugar, Bourbon, Salt), Organic Vermont Maple Syrup, Bourbon Whiskey, Organic Cocoa Butter, Applewood Smoked Sea Salt