BITTIGITTI - Wooden Notebook Making Kit

The Wooden Notebook Making Kit has all the essentials to make a remarkable Coptic stitch notebook. With the provided 3D step-by-step animations and video tutorials, it takes less than 15 mins to complete.

The wooden covers are sanded up to a very fine 2,000 grade, for a silk-smooth touch that is ready to paint and/or do pyrography on. Rounded corners not only improve the aesthetics but also the usability.

Each piece of paper is hand folded and has pre-drilled holes aligned with the covers for a seamless DIY experience. The needle included in the kit has a round edge and is safe to use for ages 7+ and over.

The Coptic stitch method featured in the tutorials is universally respected for providing sturdy bindings that last a lifetime, without the need for applying glue or staples.

-Inside the kit are;
50 pre-folded papers (a total of 100 useable pages)
2 A5 sized wooden notebook covers
2 colored waxed threads
Stitching needle
Access card for online tutorials