HARIO - V60 Switch

By Hario
The Hario Switch is a hybrid brewer that grants the power to brew how you want when you want. Providing the option for both pour over and immersion brewing, the Switch caters to whatever coffee pleases you in the moment. Its close resemblance to the Hario V60 has been taken to the next level with the addition of a switch.

The Hario Switch features the notable classic V60 body with a heat-proof glass cone, but also has a rubber base that houses a stainless steel ball that restrains the water while the coffee steeps. The added component of the Switch is what enables the brewer to be used as an immersion dripper, or if you're choosing to use it as a pour over, gives you full control over the length of the Bloom. Using V60 02 filters, the Switch brews a clean cup of coffee regardless of the method you choose.

With the flip of a switch you can choose to brew a pour over or immersion brew. To brew a standard pour over, just flip the switch into the drip position which removes' the stainless steel ball from the opening, and allows you to brew nearly identical to a normal V60. By flipping the switch to the open position you can allow the coffee to steep until you're ready for the draw down.