INCENSIO - Pinon Incense 100pk

100 pack of incense bricks + a burner

PIÑON: Smells like winter in Northern New Mexico. Fires burning in each home, smoke drifting lazily out the chimneys while the snow glistens crisply in the shadows. Piñon is our original fragrance and remains our most popular

SMOOTH AROMA: Tantalize your nose with our Piñon Incense that has a smooth Southwestern aroma and a distinctive fragrance, unlike other pines. It is best described as the smell of a campfire or hearth fire, bringing back the nostalgia of summertime campouts with family & friends

STAY HEALTHY: Incienso de Santa Fe’s Piñon incense is made with the all-natural wood of the Piñon tree. Burning of this natural wood provides a healthier environment as opposed to incense made with synthetic chemicals

Made in the US