JACOBSEN - Furikake Seasoning

Crunchy, umami-rich, and highly habit-forming, furikake seasoning is a staple in many japanese home kitchens, and we can’t stop putting it on everything. This recipe features our pure kosher sea salt and oregon dulse (seaweed), both sustainably harvested from the oregon coast. We then add in wadaman sesame seeds, a bit of sugar, and a touch of dried mushrooms to liven it up. Ingredients Sesame seeds, sugar, pure kosher sea salt, oregon dulse*, mushroom powder, organic sunflower oil *dulse, which is naturally harvested from the pacific ocean, may Contain trace amounts of shellfish Uses Sprinkle on rice, popcorn, meat, salads, eggs, cucumber, french fries...anything!

Best before 3 years
Made in United States