PAINTTOWN - Smoky Mountains Paint By Number Kit 8”x10”


The Smoky Mountains kit depicts a bear family atop a mountain bald with blooming Rhododendron.


Each paint by numbers kit includes an 8”x10” painting board made of recycled chipboard with blue lines like vintage American made paint by number kits; no canvas ironing is required. The kit also includes 18 paint pots containing American made acrylic paint that is certified non-toxic and requires no mixing.  All colors have a witty and informative name. Each kit also contains a high-quality Royal and Langnickel paint brush.  Helpful tips and directions are on the reverse of the cover copy.  Finally, each kit is packaged in a durable clearbag with the painting surface visible on the back; each clearbag also comes with a hanger.


Unlike many modern paint by numbers that are designed by computer, these are designed by hand by an artist with extensive teaching experience, and are produced in Nashville, TN. 


Our kits pop easily into any 8”x10” frame and are 100% guaranteed.